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About Precise Vibration and Alignment

We are your LUDECA Solution Providers for Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania and the West Virginia panhandle. We offer state-of-the-art maintenance tools, EASY-LASER® laser shaft alignment, belt alignment and geometric measurement instruments, SDT Ultrasound instruments for leak detection, bearing monitoring, tightness testing, steam trap inspection, electrical inspection and acoustic lubrication. In addition we offer pre-cut stainless steel shims, accessories and training courses for alignment, ultrasound and vibration tools.

We are also proud to be suppliers of state-of-the-art BETAVIB VIBRATION DATA COLLECTORS and FIELD ANALYZERS to help you determine the health of your rotating machinery.

Ludeca Blog

  • Reliability chart

    Reliability, a Holistic Effort.

    The foundation of any great reliability effort is the reliability culture within the organization that sustains it. Everybody within the organization must be aligned with its ultimate goals and mission for the reliability effort to succeed.

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  • Slow speed bearings

    Monitoring slow speed bearings.

    When speaking about rotation speeds of less than 250 rpm the “normal” technologies, such as vibration or thermography, are usually blind to problems until it is too late.

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