Extech MN35 multimeter


The Extech MN35 multimeter is a compact manual ranging meter with 8 functions that comes with protective rubber holster and tilt stand.

The Extech MN35 is a convenient mini size multimeter with protective rubber holster and tilt stand. Manual ranging, measures AC and DC Voltage to 600V, Resistance with Continuity and Diode functions, DC Current to 10A, Temperature, and 9V/1.5V Battery test. The meter comes with a protective rubber holster, 9V battery, test leads and type K thermocouple probe.

  • Large 2000 count LCD display
  • AC/DC Voltage & Current, Resistance, Diode/Continuity
  • 1.5V and 9V Battery test function
  • 10A fuse protection
  •  MN35 multimeter has overload protection and indication
  • Includes protective holster with stand, 9V battery and test leads

Since 1971, Extech Instruments has focused on Test and Measurement tools built for the professionals, tradesperson and DIY’ers. Their single source strategy has made them the brand to turn to when it comes to tools that help prevent, identify and troubleshoot problems in a plethora of applications; whether it’s electrical, mechanical, maintenance, safety or environmental applications, their products are trusted by the professionals and are put to the test every day.

With over 45 years, Extech is renowned as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of innovative, quality handheld test, measurement and inspection tools in the world. Sold in over 100 countries around the world, Extech’s success is supported by a far-reaching network of dedicated and knowledgeable distributors who introduce new users to Extech every day.

For many years, Extech’s catalog of handheld test equipment has offered an unsurpassed selection of test equipment (and accessories) for every application and budget. Not content with that, Extech continues to develop and launch innovative new meters that are known for convenient, multi-functional capabilities and advanced features not found on most meters. As more users look for integration with mobile devices, Extech leads T&M companies with Bluetooth connectivity and innovative iOS and Android apps for use with a number of multimeters.

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Specifications Range Basic Accuracy
DC Voltage 600V (0.1mV) ±0.5%
AC Voltage 600V (0.1V) ±1.2%
DC Current 10A (0.1mA) ±1.5%
Resistance 20MΩ (0.1µΩ) ±0.8%
Temperature -4 to 1400°F (1°) -20 to 750°C ±(1%+4°)
Battery Test 9V and 1.5V
Power one 9V battery
Dimensions/Wt 5.43×2.83×1.5″ (138x72x38mm)/5.4oz (153g)

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