Extech MO55W moisture meter


The Extech MO55W moisture meter is simple to operate and uses icons that indicate moisture content & alerts when moisture levels exceed limit.

Quickly measure the moisture content in wood and other building materials with your choice of Pinless (non-invasive) or Direct Pin method measurement. Using the wireless feature, Bluetooth® Datalogging Module, and the free ExView® W-Series App, you can transmit readings in realtime to your smart devices, store over 15K readings for wireless transfer to generate a report/data analysis, add notes and readings to photos taken from your smart device camera, and use your smart device as a 2nd display for easy viewing or sharing. The Extech MO55W moisture meter is simple to operate and uses icons that indicate moisture content and alerts you when moisture levels exceed programmed limits.

  • MO55W Pin/Pinless Meter:
    • Wireless function with Bluetooth® Datalogging Module transmits readings to iOS® and Android™ devices for remote viewing using the free app
    • Displays moisture level in wood and building materials such as wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar
    • Non-invasive Pinless moisture measurement to a max. depth of 1″ (25 mm)
    • Direct Pin moisture measurement uses ~0.4″ (10 mm) pins
    • Audible Alert (beep rate increases as moisture level increases)
    • Icons display low, medium and high moisture range
    • Built-in Pin-Mode accuracy test
    • Data Hold and Auto Power Off
    • Ideal for building restoration, and other applications where it is critical to detect moisture in flooring, tiles, and beneath carpeting
  • DAT12 Bluetooth® Datalogging Module:
    • Record over 15k readings and transmit them to a smart device
    • Free ExView® W-Series App, provides Wireless Data Streaming with real-time remote viewing of readings
    • Adjustable sample rate and file size support most application needs
    • Programmable High/Low audible alarms
    • Color coded log reporting for easy identification of Alarm events
    • Record data directly to phone or tablet
    • Export data in Excel® format
    • Share data files and snapshots directly from application
    • Take snapshots of the measurement area with your connected smart phone or tablet camera to capture measurement-related images and to document date/time stamps and measurement data
  • Complete with two pins (installed on meter), protective cap, Wireless Datalogging Module (DAT12), 9V battery, and soft case

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Specifications Pin Mode Pinless Mode
Sensor Type Contact Pins (Electrical Resistance Method) Pinless sensor (Capacitance Sensing Method)
Wood Moisture Range 5 to 50.0% 0.1 to 99.9%
Other Building Materials 1.5 to 33.0% 0.1 to 99.9%
Resolution 0.1% 0.1%
Basic Accuracy ± (3% reading + 5 digits)
Measurement Depth ~0.3″ (8mm) depth using 0.4″ (10mm) pins 1″ (25mm) depth
Wood Moisture Icon Levels Low: 5 to 11.9%; Medium: 12 to 15.9%; High: 16 to 50% Low: 0 to 16.9%; Medium: 17 to 29.9%; High: 30 to 99.9%
Building Material Icon Levels Low: 1.5 to 16.9%; Medium: 17 to 19.9%; High: 20 to 33% Low: 0 to 16.9%; Medium: 17 to 29.9%; High: 30 to 99.9%
iOS/Android compatibility iOS 8.0 and higher/ Android 4.3 and higher
Datalogging (with DAT12) 15,360 data points
Dimensions 6.7 x 2.6 x 1.2″ (170 x 65 x 30mm)
Weight 4.2oz (120g) battery not included

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