SDT270 Dynamic w/LubExpert option, Demo system

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The SDT270 Dynamic demo is a full featured ultrasound, vibration, temperature and RPM measurement tool. FREE SHIPPING*

This SDT270 Dynamic is a full featured ultrasound tool with LubExpert built-in. This demo system is in excellent condition and has seen very little use.. Measure ultrasound, temperature and RPM with on-board sensors and two sensor inputs for external ultrasound and vibration sensors and accessories. The 270 is great for measuring air and vacuum leaks, bearing condition and monitoring. You can also monitor valves, steam, hydraulic systems, electrical faults and valve monitoring. It uses four condition indicators (RMS, Max RMS, Peak and Crest Factor) to allow for more thorough diagnosis. Each ultrasound and vibration measurement also records a clear, accurate and scaled .wav audio file so the measurement can be listened to in the UAS software as part of the analysis.

This system includes:
  • SDT270 dynamic ultrasound tool
  • Behind the neck (hardhat) headphones
  • Battery charger and USB cable
  • Temperature function
  • Tachometer function
  • Vibration function
  • Ultranalysis Suite 3.0 software license
  • RS1-T threaded contact ultrasound sensor, M6
  • Flex airborne sensor
  • LubeSense threaded contact sensor
  • Black coiled cable for LubeSense sensor, LEMO7 TO LEMO7, 23.62″-70.87″ L
  • Magnetic base for contact sensor
  • ICP Accelerometer, 100MV/G, 2-pin mil-spec top exit connector, M6
  • Acoustic lube adapter, Zerk grease gun to RS1-T sensor
  • Shoulder strap
  • Leather belt holder with clip
  • USB PC cable

Contact us for more information or demonstration.

*FREE ground shipping in the continental US.

SDT340 ultrasound system(Opens in a new browser tab)

SDT Paradish2 sensor(Opens in a new browser tab)

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