SDT340 ultrasound system

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The SDT340 ultrasound system is a data collector that measures temperature, RPM, ultrasound and vibration and integrates with UAS3 software. FREE SHIPPING*

The SDT340 ultrasound system is a full featured data collector. Measure temperature and RPM with on-board sensors and ultrasound and vibration via external sensors. The 340 is great for measuring air and vacuum leaks, bearing condition and monitoring. You can also monitor valves, steam, hydraulic systems, electrical faults and valve monitoring. It uses four condition indicators (RMS, Max RMS, Peak and Crest Factor) to allow for more thorough diagnosis. The SDT340 ultrasound system interfaces with UAS3 software for database creation, route creation and analysis.

Each ultrasound and vibration measurement also records a clear, accurate and scaled .wav audio file (up to 10 minutes per measurement). Each measurement can be listened to in the UAS3 software to provide valuable information for analysis. Historical data can also be recalled in the field for trending and alarming. Enhance productivity in the field with on-screen time signal, spectrum, split screen view, and icon navigation. Pan and expand your time signal or spectrum and list the highest values to improve in-field diagnosis. All of this is done on a 3.5″ color display that provides a clear view in dark conditions.

This system includes:
  • SDT340 ultrasound instrument
  • Behind the neck (hardhat) headphones
  • Bluetooth wireless headset
  • Battery charger and USB cable
  • 2x battery packs
  • RS2-N needle contact sensor, 10.83″ (275MM) L
  • RS2-T threaded contact ultrasound sensor, M6
  • Flex2 airborne sensor & cable
  • Blue coiled cable for RS2-T, RS2-N and FLEX2 sensors
  • Multi surface magnetic base for contact sensor
  • ICP Accelerometer, 100MV/G, 2-pin mil-spec top exit connector, M6
  • Coil cable for accelerometer
  • Acoustic lube adapter, Zerk grease gun to RS2-T sensor
  • Shoulder strap
  • Leather belt holder with clip
  • USB PC cable
  • Ultranalysis Suite 3.0 software license
  • Large carrying case

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