Easy-Laser® XT770

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Easy-Laser XT770 Laser Shaft Alignment system.

Easy-Laser® XT770 shaft alignment tool. The Easy-Laser XT770 is a dual dot laser shaft alignment system. The Easy-Laser® XT770 uses an Android or IOS based tablet or phone for the display unit.

The XT770 measuring units utilize dot laser technology. This makes it possible to measure larger machines and longer spans than line laser systems. It also provides higher accuracy when backlash in the coupling is present. In addition, dot laser allows you to check more things when installing a machine, e.g. twist of foundation and bearing clearance.

With the XT770 you have a choice of several different measurement methods, e.g. continuous sweep and multipoint. This gives you the flexibility you need to achieve the perfect measurement result.

The XT products are rugged, rated both IP66 and IP67 water and dust proof. Along with long operating times, this guarantees you will be able to take on and finish even the tougher jobs.

This Easy-Laser XT770 includes:

    • 1 Measuring unit XT70-M IP66/67, 66ft measurement range, up to 24 hour operating time
    • 1 Measuring unit XT70-S IP66/67, 66ft measurement range, up to 24 hour operating time
    • 2 Shaft brackets with chains and rods 120 mm [4.72″]
    • 2 12-1147 magnetic shaft brackets
    • 4 Rods 60 mm [2.36″]
    • 4 Rods 120 mm [4.72″]
    • 2 Magnet bases
    • 2 Offset brackets
    • 2 Extension chain 900 mm [35.4″]
    • 1 Measuring tape 3 m [9.8′]
    • 1 Hexagon wrench set
    • 1 Charger (100–240 V AC)
    • 1 DC split cable for charging
    • 1 DC to USB adapter, for charging
    • 1 Quick reference manual
    • 1 Cleaning cloth for optics
    • 1 USB memory with manuals
    • 1 Documentation folder
    • 1 Carrying case Large

    Also available, 12-1130 Easy Trend brackets to measure thermal growth and dynamic movement.



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