FLIR C3-X IR Camera


The FLIR IR C3-X camera fits easily in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. Its integrated touch-screen is easy to learn.

The FLIR C3-X IR camera makes it easier than ever to inspect for hidden problems, document repairs, and share evidence with customers. Featuring a 128 × 96 pixel thermal sensor, MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), a 5-megapixel visual camera, and LED flashlight, the C3-X is an affordable inspection tool for electrical/mechanical, building, and maintenance applications. Directly upload and store images to the FLIR Ignite™ cloud, where you can organize and back up files. Instantly share images with customers or create professional reports from a mobile device or computer.

  • Identify and troubleshoot

    Quickly find hidden faults and reduce diagnostic time with MSX and 128 × 96 true thermal imaging

  • Document and share

    Directly upload images using FLIR Ignite cloud connectivity, then create professional reports and email them to customers

  • Rugged, reliable, compact

    Take the pocket-portable FLIR C3-X IR camera with you to every job – it’s IP54 rated for protection against water and dust and designed to withstand a 2 m drop


The FLIR Cx Series camera connects automatically to the FLIR Ignite Library, offering cloud storage for thermal images. Upload, organize and share files with customers or colleagues.


Images from the new FLIR Cx Series can be directly uploaded to the FLIR Ignite cloud


Quickly find images by searching on name, comment, or text annotation


Share results with colleagues and clients securely with a password protected link.

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