FLIR E8-XT IR camera


FLIR E8-XT IR camera is the perfect thermal imaging camera for diagnosing electrical problems, mechanical faults, and building problems.

The Flir E8-XT IR camera is the perfect tool for diagnosing electrical, mechanical, and building problems.

The E8-XT has a 76,800 (320 x 240) pixel infrared detector and expanded, -20°c to 550°c (-4°f to 1022°f) temperature range.

The FLIR MSX® image enhancement on the Flir E8-XT IR camera provides extraordinary thermal imaging detail, while the built-in wi-fi allows users to quickly connect with the FLIR Tools® mobile app for sharing images and sending reports easily from any location.


    automatic and focus-free, with clear on-screen navigation to measurement tools and settings


    download standard JPEGS, create reports, and share what you’ve found via a wi-fi connection to the FLIR Tools Mobile app

  • suilt for your tough work environment

    lightweight and well-balanced, the E8-XT has an IP54 enclosure and easily withstands a 2-meter drop test


    With Ex-Series’ extra resolution, functionality, and sensitivity, you’ll see the invisible better and spot problems faster. Locate structural issues, energy waste, and moisture intrusion


    Ex-Series offer a more professional thermal imaging solution for troubleshooting abnormal high temperatures on breakers, fuses, and connections

  • HVAC

    With an Ex-Series camera in your toolbox, you’ll be able to track down heating and cooling system duct disconnects, mechanical wear, and refrigerant issues quickly

    Add the FLIR Atlas SDK for .NET software development kit that enables developers to create applications. Supported by help files and sample code, developers can add functionality or collaborate with other FLIR products to get the result they want in their application. The software supports communication, streaming, and recording using FireWire, Gigabit, RTSP, and USB interfaces. It converts 16-bit signal pixels into temperature data for maximum user flexibility, and allows 16-bit temperature linear, histogram, and signal outputs.

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