SDT LUBExpert Ultrasound tool

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The SDT LUBExpert Ultrasound tool is an affordable tool to help you grease bearings right by monitoring ultrasound as lubrication is added. FREE SHIPPING*

The SDT LUBExpert Ultrasound tool is an affordable tool to help you grease bearings right. The LUBExpert allows you to monitor bearings as lubrication is being added. A bearing with not enough grease is “loud” as is a bearing with too much grease. The SDT LUBExpert allows you to “listen” to the bearings while the grease is being added. In addition you can monitor Ultrasound levels on the display and the LUBExpert will guide you through the process. Using the Ultranalysis Suite software you can create databases and routes, add alarms, trend measurements, monitor grease quantities and more.

This system includes:

  • SDT LUBExpert ultrasound tool
  • Behind the neck (hardhat) or overhead headphones
  • Battery charger and USB cable
  • LubeSense threaded contact sensor
  • Black coiled cable for LubeSense sensor, LEMO7 TO LEMO7, 23.62″-70.87″ L
  • Magnetic base for LubeSense sensor
  • Zerk grease gun to sensor adapter
  • Shoulder strap
  • Leather belt holder with clip
  • Ultranalysis Suite 3.0 software license


LUBExpert Dynamic Option

Collect valuable, dynamic condition monitoring data with LUBExpert Dynamic and analyze it in UAS3. When the lubrication team can collect, and view data in the Time and Frequency domain they can remove silos between them and the condition monitoring team.



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