FLIR DM66 Multimeter


The Flir DM66 multimeter provides features including AC/DC measurement, safe non-contact voltage detection, back light, and audible indicator with intuitive and simple user interface

The FLIR DM66 multimeter is ideal for automation field service or electronics technicians, providing a comprehensive feature set including low impedance (LoZ) mode, frequency, diode, capacitance, and a Type K thermocouple input for temperature measurement. The multimeter combines rich features, precise measurements, and quality construction into a tool of exceptional value. Easy to use and built to last, the DM66 offers long-term stability for everyday use.
  • All the Features You Need

    Provides rich features for various electrical applications including AC/DC measurement, safe non-contact voltage detection, a flashing backlight, and audible indicator.

  • Quick, Efficient Testing and Troubleshooting

    Navigate the meter’s on-screen menu system easily, and operate one-handed thanks to the compact design and easy-to-access buttons.  With intuitive and simple user interface for more effective and efficient troubleshooting and testing of electrical and electronic systems

  • High Quality, Tough, Reliable

    The Flir DM66 multimeter is drop-tested, IP40 rated, and has a CAT IV-300V, CAT III-600V safety category rating to ensure safe and accurate operation.

About FLIR:
FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. They bring innovative sensing solutions into daily life through their thermal imaging, visible-light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostic, and advanced threat detection systems.FLIR offers a diversified portfolio that serves a number of applications in government & defense, industrial, and commercial markets. Their products help first responders and military personnel protect and save lives, promote efficiency within the trades, and innovate consumer-facing technologies. FLIR strives to strengthen public safety and well-being, increase energy and time efficiency, and contribute to healthy and intelligent communities.

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