Pruftechnik Vibconnect RF


Pruftechnik Vibconnect RF

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Pruftechnik Vibconnect RF. This is a used demo system. The Vibconnect RF includes one IP66 rated bridge unit that can connect up to 50 sensor units. The bridge unit has 256mb of onboard storage and a LAN port to connect to a local network.

Each IP65 rated sensor unit has two synchronized channels two IP65 rated 35mv/g vibration sensors with integral temperature sensors with a range of -40F-250F. Each sensor unit has a range of 1000ft line of sight tothe bridge unit.

The Vibconnect RF has been discontinued by Pruftechnik, therefore this system will only work as an add-on or replacement component to an existing Vibconnect RF system. Please contact us if you have any questions about the requirements of this system.

Contact us for more information.

For on-site alignment, ultrasound and lubrication service please visit Precise Reliability


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