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Pruftechnik Vibnode.

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Pruftechnik Vibnode demonstration system. This system has only ever been used as a demonstrator and has been discontinued by Pruftechnik. It will only work as an addition to an existing Vibnode network or for replacement components on an existing system. Included is the Vibnode 6 channel standard system with Omnitrend PC license, one sensor cable for ICP sensor, network cable and power cables.

Technical data:

Analog inputs – 6 single-ended inputs, settable for:• Vibration acceleration• 0/4-20 mA• ±5 V AC/DC

Measurement range, analog input – ±5 V, ±500 mV, ±50 mV, ±5 mV

Dynamic range / resolution – 96 dB / 16 bit

Frequency range – F

max. : 400 Hz, 1 kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz.

Filter – (only with ‘Low-speed’ option) 25Hz LP, switchable for setups w/ F

max: 400Hz

Frequency resolution – 3200 lines

Envelope – 2 kHz – 10 kHz / F

max.: 1kHz, 3 kHz – 10 kHz / Fmax. : 4 kHz, additional with ‘Low speed’ option:100 Hz – 10 kHz / Fmax. : 1 kHz

Time waveform (with ‘Low-speed’ option) – Signal length: 3.2s, 0.8s, 0.2s, 0.1s

RPM, counter input – One (6 channels)

Digital inputs/outputs – Two (5V – 30V) / Three (open collector)

Analog outputs (option) – Two (4-20 mA); not electrically insulated, Electrical insulation as a further option

Switch output – 24 V DC, switchable

Measurement functions – FFT spectrum, time waveform (w/ ‘Low-speed’option), envelope spectrum, parameters,overall values (peak, RMS) via evaluation ofnarrow/broadband spectral ranges

Memory capacity – Ring buffer for up to 48 FFT spectra, Ring buffer for up to 16.000 measurements(trend data)

Ethernet interface – One, data rate: 10 Mbit

RS 232 interface – Two, data rate: 115 kbit

Power supply – 21-30 V DC / 0.8 A

Permitted ambient temperature – – 25 °C … +60 °C

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